A1TXPro Traffic Exchange Script Packages

The only Traffic Exchange script A1TXpro was developed with both the members and the owners in mind.

This Traffic Exchange is incorporated features that encourage and reward members for surfing, and features that offer more options to generate income for owners.

A1TXpro Traffic Exchange software is one of the most advanced and featured filled Auto/Manual surf PHP Traffic Exchange scripts available today, a sensibly priced, affordable business in a box.

A1TXpro Traffic Exchange Comes With Unmatched Features Like
Built-in Newsletter keep your members updated
Built-in Splash Pages members can personalize
Built-in Prize Pages to reward your members for watching while surfing
Built-in Banner Exchange another way to earn and promote
Built-in Text Ad Exchange with a Featured Ad another way to earn and promote
Built-in First Page Ad more ways for you to earn
Do you want a Traffic Exchange system where you can earn as well as keep your members happy with so many ways of advertising? A1TXpro can do this for you!
Member Area Features :
News Area seen when Members first login
Help Guide in all Member Areas
User Friendly Menu for Member Area
Secure and Accurate Auto and Manual Surf Bars
Auto Surf/Manual Surf Separate Timers
Progressive surf ratios (controlled by admin), surf today and benefit tomorrow
Automatically Allocated Credits for Auto Surfing
Automatically Allocated Credits for Manual Surfing
Auto Surfers Surf only Sites with Auto Credits
Manual Surfers Surf only Sites with Manual Credits
Manual Surf Bar Easy Read Turing Numbers
Ability for Members to Report Abusive Sites
Bonus Credits for Surfing "x" amount of sites
Members Edit Profile including email address
Members Edit their own URL's and All Ads
Members can add unlimited amount of Sites (controlled by admin)
Members can add or Remove credits for All URL's
Ability to Transfer Credits from Auto to Manual
Ability to Transfer Credits from Manual to Auto
Ability to Transfer Credits from Unique Credits to Manual
Ability to Transfer Credits from Unique Credits to Auto
Stats shown for Credits Earned and Sites Shown
Separate Account for Referral Commissions
Transfer Referral Commission to Account Cash
Separate Account Cash for Purchases
Deposit Link for Members to make All Purchases
Purchase Upgraded Accounts
Purchase Banner, Text, Surf Bar or Paid to Click Ads
Purchase Featured Sponsor Ad Box on Front Page
Purchase First Page Ads
PTC Ad has its own timer
After Purchase View Banner, Text and Surf Bar Ad Stats
After Purchase View PTC Ad Stats
Purchase Credits from Administration
Link for Members to Withdraw Commission Cash
Referral Commission History Log
Referral Stats and Down Line Benefits
Referral Earning for up to 10 Levels
Promo Tools, Banners, Splash Pages and Referral URL
Earn Credits for showing Referral URL and Splash Pages
Cash or Credits earned by Logging in Daily (controlled by admin.)
Cash or Credits earned by visiting PTC Ads
Earn Cash On/Off Switch for "x" amount of sites and hours
Win Credits, Banner or Text Ads with Prize Pages
Win Cash or Credits with Jackpot Game
Newsletter Bonus Link to Earn Cash or Credits (admin controlled)
Admin Area Features :
Easy Installation
All Admin Sections have A Help Guide
Admin has an Owners Manual
Customize your Site from Admin Area
Edit System Templates
Edit E-mail sent for site approval
Edit E-mail sent for site decline
Edit Site News on Front Page
Edit Members News Area
Edit and Preview Splash Pages, enable/disable by membership
Splash pages that members personalize show as pending for admin approval
Set up prize pages, full control, award credits, banner ads,text ads, featured ads, prizes awarded in real time
Stats available to monitor credits given through prize pages
Progressive surf ratios, enable/disable for auto and manual surf, different ratios can be set for each member level
Edit Your FAQ Page
Edit Your Terms Page
View Members Currently Surfing
View System Statistics
View System Activity Since Your Last Login
Auto Surf can be controlled per membership
Manual Surf can be controlled per membership
Random Referrals can be controlled per membership
Can be used as Both Auto and Manual Surf
Transaction Log for All activity by Members
Transaction Log for PTC Ad Clicks
Transaction Log on/off for Credit Transfers
Add Unlimited Upgraded Membership Levels
Add Unlimited Banner Ad Packages
Add Unlimited Text Ad Packages
Add Unlimited Surf Bar Ad Packages
Add Unlimited Feature Sponsor Ad Packages
Add Unlimited PTC Ad Packages With Timer
Ability to Disable Banner Ads.
Ability to Disable Text Ads.
Ability to Disable Surf bar Ads.
Ability to Disable PTC Ads.
Ability to Disable Feature Sponsor Ads.
Add your own Referral Banners
Sell or use Your own First Page Shown Ad
All Ads and Memberships Automatically Expire
Upgraded Memberships Automatically Send Email on Expiration
Expired Memberships placed in Basic level
Quick Scanner to review all Sites
Resume Quick scanner to pick up where you left off
Easy View, Enable, Disable or Delete Sites
Easy View, Enable, Disable or Delete Members
Easy to use Search Function for Members
Easy to use Search Function for Sites
Manage Member Banner ads from one page
Manage Member Text and Surf Bar ads from one page
Manage Member PTC ads from one page
Ability to Hide Banner Ad Packages
Ability to Hide Text Ad Packages
Ability to Hide Surf bar Ad Packages
Ability to Hide PTC Ad Packages
Ability to Hide Feature Sponsor Ad Packages
Ability for HTML Emails to All Members
Email Individuals and different Member Groups
Add Bonus Link to Newsletters with Cash or Credits
Paid To Read Newsletter Stats
Automatically Send E-mail for site approval On/Off
Automatically Send E-mail sent for site decline On/Off
Top 10 Surfer Stats or Referral Stats available for Front Page
Control the Number of Text Ads on Front Page
Valid Site before Ability to Surf on/off Switch
Ability to Control Daily Surf Limit
Ability to Credit All Members with Cash or Credits
Ability to Mandate Members to surf for Sign-up Bonus
Referral Bonus Given When New Member Surf's Required Pages
Enable or Disable Surf Bar banners
Enable or Disable Banners on each page
Just one Click to Back-up your DB
Just one Click to Restore your DB to an earlier Back-up
Block Domain's singly or with a Wildcard
Block Emails singly or with a Wildcard
Block IP's singly or with a Wildcard
Block Domain's list can be sorted in descending order
Block IP's can be sorted in descending order
Turing Number's for All Login Pages On/Off Added Security
Form to Setup Payment Processors
Currently Including Payment Mod
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